The Highland Clinical Research Facility (HCRF) supports clinical research in the Highlands of Scotland. It is a state of the art purpose built facility housed within the Highland Diabetes Institute, part of the Centre for Health Science; a 10,000sqm centre of excellence in life sciences. The HCRF is adjacent to the largest hospital in the region, Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland offers a unique research environment combining rich research assets in clinical and academic interests, with access to an under researched population and high quality support infrastructure.

The HCRF is managed by NHS Highland R& D Department. The facility draws on NHS expertise through dedicated governanace staff, research nurses, GP and pharmacy staff (research active).  It is suitable for a range of healthcare and life science related activities and has the capacity to host studies requiring overnight observation.

Working with business
The HCRF provides a wide range of clinical research and health related services to commercial organisations and contract research firms, and is a participant in multicentre and single site trial activities. Services include:
• Clinical trials
• Epidemiological studies
• Investigative procedures
• Specialist consultancy

Additional business services include fitness and health checks, clinical monitoring and health orientated focus groups. HCRF staff can provide support and consultancy advice on trial design, ethics approvals, study feasibility, pharmacy, protocol design and patient recruitment strategies.

Research collaboration with NHS Highland is a key operational feature of the facility which has undertaken projects across a number of fields such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, opthalmology, palliative care, and mental health.  The facility also has close links with physicians in the region with expertise in other clinical fields.

The HCRF is a modern 250sqm facility comprising:
• Reception and private waiting area
• Nurses’ hub
• Consulting rooms
• Flexible clinical area with reclining chairs
• Bedroom with shower/WC facilities suitable for day and overnight studies with the optional capacity for use with physiological equipment
• Category 2 laboratory with facilities for processing blood samples, ‘near patient’ physiological/biological measurements and other metabolic research
• Dedicated on site pharmacy
• Pantry/kitchen facilities for food preparation.

NHS Highland
The close vicinity and working relationship with Raigmore Hospital ensures access to specialist departments and facilities including a dedicated infusion suite for treatment, medical physics, blood science laboratories for analysis of specimens and the radiology department for imaging.

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